Yoshinobu Abe, 
CEO Magyar Suzuki Corporation

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to welcome the athletes and fans on behalf of Suzuki, the World Judo Championships’ title sponsor. Our company proudly stands by the Judo Federation and the Budapest event in order to represent the spirit of Judo as one and to provide a framework for exciting and rewarding matches that are broadcast from the Hungarian capital.

Our corporate philosophy and culture has much in common with the principles that Judo represents—continuous learning, concentration, preparedness, perseverance, and honesty in competition. On the metaphorical tatami of the vehicle market, this approach has helped Magyar Suzuki to become the most successful Hungarian car manufacturer. This year the 3 millionth Suzuki vehicle rolled off our production line. With this, the company has achieved an important milestone, proving again that we represent a significant force, capable of scoring an ippon and thereby winning not only in the domestic car manufacturing sector, but also in the global export markets.

In addition to last year’s impressive domestic sales volumes, Suzuki cars manufactured in Hungary were shipped to more than 120 countries from the Esztergom factory. Considering the Hungarian sales figures of our models as well as our market share, we can be regarded as a black belt judoka of the Hungarian car market. This position is further strengthened by the fact that last year, the sales of the Suzuki Vitara model were firmly in the lead in the sport utility vehicle (SUV) category and in that of passenger cars.

However, as Judo itself teaches us, the most important thing in a fight is never the act of winning, but the betterment of one’s character and the perfect harmony of the techniques applied. I would like to greet our athletes with this piece of wisdom, and I wish you all the best of luck for the World Championships.

Yoshinobu Abe
CEO, Magyar Suzuki Corporation