Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Capacities

Dear Reader,

The founder of judo martial arts, Jigoro Kano, professed that the purpose of judo is not only the development of the body but also the soul, thus it can lead to a healthy life. The master developed a system at a time when he was afraid that traditional Japanese morals and habits would sink into the darkness of the past

Therefore, judo is not only a regime of old samurai martial arts techniques, but a collection of moral and educational methods that can be inspirational for all ages.

Perhaps its unbroken international popularity is due to this.

Hungary is a sports nation, and sport is a national strategy issue, as it is closely related to demography, family, health, education, and culture. In recent years, Hungarian judo has proven to be successful in the field of professional sport and growing generations: with a total of 13300 registered athletes compared to the previous 2500, and today, 312 schools offer judo training, accompanied by the introduction of day-to-day physical education.

That is why it is important for us to host the Judo 33rd Men’s and 22nd Women’s World Championship in Budapest in Papp László Budapest Sportarena. The organization of such a world competition is a huge motivating factor; it raises the level of sport, increases love of the sport, and effects positively the health of citizens as well as educates our children for sports. It is a special pleasure for us to see the top athletes from all over the world and the attention of an international audience interested in the event.

I wish that the Budapest Judo World Championship will give you an unforgettable experience!

Zoltán Balog,
Minister of Human Capacities