Judo for the World! Spectacular messages from Hungarian judokas

Hungarian Judo Federation organized a very special, campaign opener event, Judo for the World, in order to promote the Judo World Championships 2017. The spectacular flash mob action was held in the heart of the Hungarian capital, at the Heroes Square on 1 June, Thursday, where 1000 judokas launched 2017 messages by 2017 homing pigeons accross the country and beyond the border.

On the occassion of this event, Marius L. Vizer, President of the International Judo Federation and Dr. László Tóth, President of the Hungarian Judo Federation also were wearing judogi and inspirited the crowd at Heroes Square. Moreover, Hungarian Judo National Team members, Olympic Games, World-, and European Championships medalists, former, veteran and little kid judokas also joined the special flash mob.

For this day many people took out their judogis, as the member of the big judo family, to show the world how much they love judo, how much they insist on traditions and to show what judo has given to them.

The 2017 homing pigeons took messages written and collected in the past few weeks by Hungarian judokas (kids and adults as well).

Just some from these notes:

„Judo is my life”
„Judo: Love at first sight”
„Judo World Championships, Budapest, you have to be here, looking forward to see you!”
„Good luck and all the best for the World Championships!”
„I wish you good luck, I love judo so much”
„Victory and courage until the end of time”

Besides, several pigeons had the following short message, too:
„Go Hungary!”