The legendary Kodokan Institute is also supporting the Judo World Championships in Budapest

Uemura Haruki, president of the Kodokan Institute and Dr. László Tóth, president of the Hungarian Judo Association signed an agreement that the Tokyo headquarters of the judo sport would be the professional partner of the World Championships in Budapest. This Japanese institute and the Hungarian Judo Association is to organise a joint exhibition of the sport’s relics as well in the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena at the event that begins on August 28.

The Kodokan Institute was established by professor Kano Jigoro, the founder of judo, in 1882. The word Kodokan was made up of words presentation (ko), road (do) and public building (kan), so it could be translated as “a place to study the road”. The institute is nowadays being housed in an eight-storey building in the Japanese capital, Tokyo.

Judo is being taught in the institute, which is referred to as the University of Kodokan around the world, in five large dojos (a gym wrapped in tatami) to everyone from small children, to the world’s best athletes and to even pensioners. Of course, not only the practical training but theoretical education is emphasized, and in fact laboratories, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, a library of 7,000 books related to judo, a shop and a bank can be found in the building.


The main dojo is located on the seventh floor of the building, where international training sessions and competitions on 420 carpets are held, and these can be viewed by 900 spectators from the eighth floor. It is forbidden to wear shorts in the Kodokan Institute, the only outfit permitted during trainings is the white judogi.


Some special relics of judo history of the unique collection of the Kodokan will be displayed for the Hungarian sport-loving public at the World Championships in Budapest starting on August 28 in the Papp László Sports Arena. The Kodokan Institute and the Hungarian Judo Association are organizing a joint exhibition, as agreed in March by Uemura Haruki, president of the Kodokan Institute and Dr. László Tóth, president of the Hungarian Judo Association.