World Championships 2017 – The Relay between Two Generations

The first press conference to present the World Judo Championships, Budapest 2017, Individual and Teams was held today in the Capital city of Hungary in the presence Mr Marius L. Vizer, IJF President, Dr Tünde Szabó Secretary of State for Sport, Dr László Tóth, Hungarian Judo Association President and Dr Antal Kovács Hungarian Judo Association Vice President.

From left to right: Dr Antal Kovács Hungarian Judo Association Vice President, Dr Tünde Szabó Secretary of State for Sport, Marius L. Vizer  IJF President, Dr László Tóth Hungarian Judo Association President.

During the meeting, a promo film was presented along with the Hungarian Junior team, which has already achieved great results and which is representing a big hope for the host country at the World Championships next year. The event is considered as sort of relay from the older consecrated generation to the younger one. 

Mr. Vizer explained the importance of media and active existence in the life of any sport. He also urged coaches and athletes to be active and present in the competition life of their sport. He trusts that the World Championships in Budapest in 2017 will be an absolute success. Mr. Toth and Kovacs Antal both praised the opportunity and its importance for the athletes and the Hungarian Judo Association as well.